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It’s a great benefit to a client when a lawyer has a true passion for his work. James P. Tinsley, managing member and attorney at Tinsley Law & Consulting, is exactly that type of Tupelo immigration lawyer. Whether he’s working to make his Tupelo immigration law office among the best resources for immigration matters or pursuing other areas of concentration, his dedication to his clients is evident.

A Tupelo Immigration Lawyer

Current immigration policies often create harsh realities for families who wish to be united. Much of Tinsley Law & Consulting’s efforts are focused on keeping families together by assisting with the I-130 petition that initiates a family member’s application for a “Green Card” as well as fighting hard in Immigration Court to stop someone from being deported. Immigrants not only face issues relating to entry into the country and maintaining their status, they also face different and sometimes greater challenges than citizens in matters such as family law, criminal law and employment law, which a Tupelo immigration attorney can provide guidance on as well.

Pharmacy Case Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony

Mr. Tinsley worked as a pharmacist for over 10 years and retains his status today as a registered pharmacist. This background provides a technical insight to the many complex issues that other attorneys may need help with. As an expert witness, Mr. Tinsley can offer expertise on such issues as:

  • Misfiled prescriptions
  • Common side effects of medications
  • Negligent prescribing by physicians
  • Understanding the role modern drugs play in patient treatment


Recent economic conditions and skyrocketing medical costs have placed an unprecedented number of people at risk of economic disaster. Two forms of relief are generally available to individuals. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is considered an immediate discharge plan and Chapter 13 is called a “wage earner” plan and requires the debtor to formulate a three or five year repayment plan. These forms of relief are available to partnerships, LLCs and small businesses as well.

Estate Planning

Wills, trusts and conservatorships are all tools that can be used to protect one’s estate from having a Court decide who gets your assets after you die. Make sure your wishes are honored.

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